Boo - Mario I'm not Toby
I'm not Toby
  • me: mom... dad... im g-
  • parents: gay?
  • me: going into battle and i need only your strongest potions
"Say, Tom here is having a romantic evening with a gal. What would impress her more than lighting the fireplace with the snap of your fingers?"



she wears short skirts i wear mage robes

she’s cheer captain and i’m oppressed by the chantry

Enough of these games.
Enough of these games.


all my years on tumblr, this is my favourite post on this entire website

favorite female protagonists in modern gaming

Commander Shepard?


Commander Shepard?


make me choose: anonymous asked - garrus or thane

"Now I’d love to chat, but this gun really needs calibrating."

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