Boo - Mario I'm not Toby
I'm not Toby


Chronicles of a Bee-Obsessed Inquisitor Pt. 1 feat. Solas and Adaar - Plan Bee

Has this been done yet, or…


I believe a lot of conflict in the Wild West could have been avoided completely if cowboy architects had just made their towns big enough for everyone.





night vale is full of thought provoking humour and beautifully inspirational monologues but “subway? more like wowza” will always be one of the best things it’s ever come up with

it’s right at the top of the list with “what’s an egg” and “i never knew school cleaning appliances were so strong”

"Mountains? More like nothings" 

"Nice try, giant worms.

kaidan attempting to dance

Time. Rots. Everything.

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